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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Popcorn Game

 This is an easy, fun, and inexpensive game for a lesson about hearing God, being close to God, or the importance of prayer. It's called, simply, the popcorn game.
All you need for this game is,
  1. Popcorn (Obviously)
  2. An Even Number Of Kids (If you don't have an even number feel free to stand in yourself.)
  3. A Big Open Space
  4. A Broom (To clean up after.)

 To start off have the kids stand in two straight lines, facing each other. The kids will be paired up in teams of two. Once they're in position hand one piece of popcorn to each team. Standing ten feet or so apart have the kids toss their piece of popcorn to their partner. 
 Now obviously they wont be able to catch it. So, when this happens tell them that they may take one small step toward their partner. Have them keep doing this until their partner catches the popcorn. 
 Also, tell them that anyone who eats their popcorn piece loses. I didn't think to make this rule the first time we played this game, and needless to say we ran through a lot of popcorn that day...Boys...*rolls eyes*. lol
Tie In
 For my lesson I talked about hearing God. If you're doing that or something similar here is a little excerpt from some pieces of notes I used.
 Our relationship with God is similar to the game we played. It's really hard to hear God when you're far away from him. But in James chapter 4 verse 8 it says to draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you. 

How do we draw nigh unto God?
  • Read Our Bible
  • Pray
  • Go To Church Regularly
  • Be Faithful In Tithes and Offerings
  • Praise and Worship God
  • Obey His Commandments
  • Have A Daily Time Set Aside For God

 Now, this game is super versatile, and can be used as a just for fun game or a lesson game. It's totally up to you, but be prepared to clean up a bit of a mess after. It's totally worth it though. Hope you have as much fun with it as we did!

God Bless,
Faith <3


  1. Our lesson this week (We use the Bible Studies for Life curriculum and I've already been put in my place that I'm not to waver from it.) is about Praying for Others and next week is God answers prayers. I'll be using this game next week and I know the kids are going to LOVE it!! Thanks so much!

  2. I am going to try this game tomorrow :)

  3. Thanks! I will play this game outside -- so the birds can clean up the mess :)

  4. This is great! My 6-year old daughter has the lesson for family night tonight. It's on prayer and we will have fun doing this activity. Thanks for the idea! I found you on pinterest.

  5. It is so true, thanks for sharing the teaching behind the popcorn.

  6. Great Idea, going to try it sunday.

  7. Love this, I'm using it for class tomorrow

  8. Oh this blog is awesome! I haven't had the chance to poke around much but you have been saved to my top bookmarks!
    This one we are going to use with our young leaders group on sunday! I am so excited :)
    Thank you and blessings!

  9. I understand. I have been teaching solo for fifteen years. I was a helper at 12 years old before that. I love these kids but there are days when it is hard to engage them. I am gonna incorporate this game into my leson.