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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The "Cell Jail"

Remember those days where the highest form of technology that kids owned was a CD player? Well yeah, those days are gone. Cellphones have showed up in a HUGE way. I never thought I would see the day that an 11 year old would be carrying a nicer phone than me, but none the less that time is here. Adults are bad enough with cellphones in church much less a middle how do we cut out those  cellphone distractions? Reverse psychology of course. MAKE IT FUNNY! 
In our classroom we have a "Cell Jail"...aka Cellphone Jail. It was SUPER easy to make, SUPER effective, and the kids...uh...SUPER?...liked it. There are several ways you can whip up a Cell Jail. For ours I just used a small storage tote, think shoebox size, and I used a black Sharpie to draw jail cell bars on it. Simple, right? Get creative there are so many way to do this and make it funny. 
I found some awesome ideas, via Pinterest, to spark your creativity.
I love this one.
If you have a printer and glue you can make this. The kids will love the whole "game theme." Maybe you could even do a video game or sports theme somehow?...Hmmm. I'm feeling creative. Maybe it's time to update my Cell Jail. 

I think this is just a clear paint can (Lowe's?), electrical tape (Lowe's), and letter stickers (Walmart). Super easy...super cute...and super inexpensive. 

Another variation of above, but done with what looks like old peanut jars? Hey, even more economical. 

 This is too funny. Our ceilings are too high for this, but it's really cute with the bird theme. I've seen fake birdcages like this at places like AtHome, Hobby Lobby, and Kirklands. This isn't necessarily inexpensive, but it's certainly creative.

I think this is cool if you have a large class because you can assign numbers and there is no guessing games as to whose phone is whose. Plus you can get shoe organizer at the Dollar Store.


And finally...what better way to introduce your "Cell Jail" than with this bulletin board. LOVE IT.

Or, if you're not the creative type, just print some funny signs to hang around.

Example A.

Example B.

Example C.

Well, I hope this sparks your creativity! Do you have any Cell Jail ideas or other ways to discourage phones during class? I'd love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below. :)

God Bless, 

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