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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trivia Day!

 We all know no kid likes tests. But they are, however, really great ways to find out if your kids are learning. So, what's the easiest way to test them without them knowing they're being tested? 
My kids love quiz day! It is such a great way to learn just what your kids know and what you still need to teach them.

All you need are, 
(I added the links for the items below.)

Sound Effects App. (If you have a smart phone...)
If you are more of the DIY type you can make your own game show buzzers and trivia questions.
DIY Game Show Buzzers

The concept is simple. The kids split into two teams, you ask them trivia questions, and they get one points for ever correct answer.
This is a lot of fun when you team up boys vs. girls style. It's a big hit with the kids.

 This is such a fun easy way to break up the same old same old Sunday School routine. I like to do Quiz Days at least every couple of months as a review for Sunday School lessons. Also, if you have a weekend when you are running short on time and can't get a lesson plan together this is a fun quick way to teach without all the paperwork. Or, it can even work as a time filler.

I hope this helps!


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